Our Residential Structures

Grace Depends On Well Founded Structure...

Concrete. Steel. Stone. These essential elements for establishing solid foundations in exclusive Estates, Multi-family high rises and Condominiums serve as the backbone of every structure we create. Our construction methods include such extraordinary measures as all steel and concrete framing and foundations, maximum strength wood structure with thicker walls and floors, foam Air Barriers to conserve energy and reduce sound.

Our staff is composed of top-level, experienced master carpenters, trimmers, plasterers, painters, plumbers, electricians, lighting engineers, sound specialists, security systems experts, insulation installers, LEED certified and much more. All to make sure that your castle or dwelling is comfortable, safe and strong. Our average Residential Estate projects range from 30,000 to 34,000 square feet, check out our Gallery page to view our latest projects.

Our Architects combine their extensive knowledge with an award winning Luxury Interior Designer to create beautiful monuments to luxury living, all founded on the soundest planning and expert composition.

Construction Details