Haleh Design, Inc.

Luxury Interior Design and Architecture

Whether designing the façade of a home, determining the spatial use of an interior, specifying materials and systems for new construction, defining furnishings, or adding distinctive decorative elements, Haleh Design works with clients to create environments with a Classical and timeless sensibility that embraces glamour, comfort, and a sense of welcome. Authenticity of vision is consistent throughout, from the conception and design to the selection of accessories. Focused on precise effort and fine detail, Haleh oversees all aspects of design. Attention to nuance finds expression in each detail; every small element is essential to the pleasing whole, from the scale of a foyer chandelier to the trim on a decorative pillow.

Haleh Design envisions comprehensive projects and advances them to completion on all fronts. Great design, whether in new construction or renovation, demands that creativity, oversight, and technology work together. Through years of experience executing successful projects, Haleh Design has developed an extensive network of experts and artisans to streamline the design, renovation, and construction process.

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